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Cornerstone  Preschool
M-F Classes, M-Th Classes, MWF Classes and TTH Classes (depending on the age of the child)
School hours are 9:00am - 2:00pm Monday - Friday
After Care hours are 2:00pm-4:00pm Monday - Friday

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Toddlers 18-24 

Classes in this age have a curriculum based on individual play and small group interaction, outside play, snack, lunch, music and motor development, and Bible class. They are in the beginning stages of understanding the concept of school.  Children in this age group must be walking to be able to attend. Child/teacher ratio is up to 8:2.  We offer Monday/Wednesday/

Friday and Tuesday/Thursday classes.

This class will nap after lunch. 


 This age group stays busy with their play.  A day might include story time, crafts, music and motor development, classroom centers, playground time, Bible class, snack and lunch.  The main emphasis is socialization, language, motor skills, and fun.  This is their first introduction to group and story time, following simple directions, and understanding transition from one area to another during the course of the day.  Child/teacher ratio is up to  12:2.  We offer Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday classes.

This class will nap after lunch.


  This age group gets messy with their fun art and other activities, so you will see lots of painting, play dough and arts/crafts project in the classroom.  They will also be involved in music/motor class, story time, centers in the classroom, playground time, Bible class, snack and lunch.  Letters and numbers are introduced as part of  craft projects, centers time and/or group time.  Math and science are taught with the use of manipulative hands-on materials as well as play. Child/teacher ratio is up to 16:2. We offer Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday classes.



These classes help prepare the children for kindergarten.  Listening and following directions, vocabulary development, thinking skills, exploration of materials, socialization skills, science, social studies, and math are all encompassed in these classes.  The children will be exposed to letters and initial consonants, numbers, counting skills and beginning language arts skills all through our play-based curriculum.  Child/teacher ratio is up to 18:2.   We offer Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Monday-Thursday, and  Monday-Friday classes.


Bridge Class

This transition/bridge class is designed for children that have completed a pre-kindergarten program and want an extra year to grow and mature before beginning kindergarten.  This program extends and builds from our four-year-old pre-kindergarten program and offers pre-reading and math extension with science exploration.  In addition, there are many activities with fine motor, vocabulary stimulation, listening and following of directions,  arts and crafts, center play and socialization.  This is a five-day program (M-F) that allows the children time to grow socially and emotionally while continuing to work on kindergarten readiness skills.  Child/teacher ratio is up to 18:2.


Our Approach

 Our philosophy is that children learn through play, so the themes and units each year reflect activities that enhance both mind and body.  They may spend time learning about Bible heroes or what it might feel like to be a fish in the ocean.  Children may experience a visit from fire fighters, Mother Goose, or a dentist.  They learn about God's creation and are encouraged to celebrate His world.  Our center-based program allows days filled with stories read by parents or teachers, hands-on manipulatives, gross and fine motor development, art, music, a Bible lesson, centers developed around the theme, and a variety of other adventures.  With curriculum developmentally appropriate for each age, these are central to all areas of learning:  arts, science, math, pre-reading, language, music and motor, and Biblical foundations.  These are the stepping stones for our future generations, and each year builds on the next so the foundations are strong.

What Parents Think

My family loves Cornerstone Preschool! I’ve been lucky enough to participate in some school events and see firsthand what’s happening at my children’s school over the years, and I’m always so impressed. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, and it’s made me feel so much more at ease sending my children to a place where my wife and I trust everyone completely. Cornerstone is the best preschool out there, and we are very blessed to have been able to send our children there over the years! -Chris Julius


Cornerstone Preschool holds such a special place in my heart and my family’s heart, and I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about the blessing that this school is. My children have the most amazing memories from Cornerstone Preschool, and even my younger sister and cousin- both grown now- went to this preschool. They say to this day how much they love it and still have some friendships that started there! Incredible! The staff is amazing, the lessons and activities are fun and engaging, and the children are cared for and loved in such a big way. I will cry buckets on my youngest child’s last day there but have a feeling I’ll remain in connection with the school in some capacity- whether through volunteering, subbing or even going there to teach! That’s how much the school means to me, my family and to so many, and that’s how special a place Cornerstone Preschool is! We are forever grateful! -Heather Julius


Finding a wonderful preschool is never easy, but that’s exactly what Cornerstone Preschool is to our family. As a parent, I sent my youngest daughter there, and now as a grandparent, my grandkids also attend. It is so sweet to hear about their day, their activities and the many friends they’ve met. I love listening to the songs that Mrs. Becky teaches them and seeing the many beautiful works of art that come home. Thank you to all the staff for the many years of teaching/loving our kids/grandkids. -Beth Harel

The Julius Family

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