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Staff & Teachers

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Donna Heath

Executive Director

Donna Heath served as Assistant Director for 5 years before becoming Executive Director in 2019. Prior to that she was a lead teacher for 4-year old’s at Cornerstone for 9 years.  She also serves on the Early Childhood Methodist Conference committee, networking with Methodist preschools and providing yearly training opportunities for area preschools.

Donna is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a BA in Management/Human Resources.  She worked in the energy industry for 7 years.  While raising her children she began her love and appreciation for Early Childhood Education.  Donna received and maintains her Child Development Associate (CDA) certification while working at Cornerstone Preschool. 

18/24 Month & 2's Teachers

Kim Martino -Lead 18/24 Mo

Georgina Bishop- Assistant 18/24 Mo

Michelle Fliehler - MWF Lead 2's

Ashley Hilliard- MWF Assistant 2's

 Heather Julius- MWF Lead 2's

Ashley Fulmer- MWF Assistant 2's

Ashley Panek - TTh Lead 2's

Sarah Smith - TTh Assistant 2's

Ashley Hilliard - TTh Lead 2's

Lisha Sebek - TTh Assistant 2's

3's Teachers

Kristin Kolb - MWF Lead

Jennifer Greenaway - MWF Assistant

Kristy Mekeel -  MWF Lead

 Kavitha Sudhadevi- MWF Assistant

Rebecca Fuentes  - TTh Lead

Bonnie Jones - TTh Assistant

4's Teachers

 Caitlin McIsaac- MWF Lead

Anna Russo - MWF Assistant

Chrissy Baxter - MW Assistant

Karen Thomas M-F Lead

Tracey Humburg - MWF Assistant

Stephanie Drennan - TTh Assistant

Vicki Kusaila - M-Th Lead

Becky West - M-Th Assistant

Learn a Lot Bridge Class

Ashante Morgan M-F Lead

Wendy McCullough M-F Assistant

Melinda Riibe

Administrative Assistant &

Financial Coordinator

Susan Gosmano

Administrative Assistant

Becky Paine

Music & Motor Teacher M-F

Pam Nuñez

Bible Teacher M-F

Pam Nuñez

Supply Coordinator

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