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Setting Up Procare

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Cornerstone Preschool is pleased to offer MyProcare, a free online portal for you to access account information and easily pay tuition. MyProcare is safe, secure and created with your convenience in mind. The last week of the month a charge equal to your monthly tuition amount will be added to your account.  Once you are setup online you can pay your tuition directly from your phone or computer.  You will also have the option to pay by debit or credit card in the office (Mastercard/Visa only). We will continue to take checks and cash as well. 

Log in today!

1. Go to

2. Enter your email address (the email you have on file with Cornerstone Preschool) and choose Go.

3. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email, choose a password, and press Go.

4. Then you may:
   a.  Use the Pay button to make a payment with your card.
   b.  Allow us to text you
         Select Contacts and then click on the "box with a pencil" to edit information. Enter your "Cell Carrier" and any other updates needed. Click on the "Update Information" button at the bottom of the screen. Our plan is to text you a reminder of when tuition is due in the future. 
   c.  Print a Tuition Receipt for your payments by selecting Reports and choosing Customer Charge Credit Summary.

Thank you!

Cornerstone Preschool and MyProcare

Forms for Enrollment 
after completing the online registration process

Forms for completing enrollment can be found below.

General Forms Below

Payments can be made on-line using the Procare System or by check.

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